Nuisance or Catastrophe? How You Feel About Snow May Depend On Your Job

Dean Jarvey- Pathway Closed

There’s nothing like a little snow to throw the whole precarious balance of work and life right off its metaphorical fulcrum. Ok, a lot of snow. Here in New York City, we’ve had our small share of shoveling, and a lot of cringingly frigid weather of the kind that makes city officials warn ominously that […]

A Totally Cool New Way to Look at Worker Health


                        Total Worker Health may be the coolest thing since Nutella. (Chocolate and hazelnut! Spreadable!) What, you ask, is Total Worker Health? It’s an initiative out of the CDC’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health—aka, NIOSH. The goal is to convince employers to […]

Why Wasting Time Might Be Exactly
What Telecommuting Is All About


I don’t know if procrastination is the hot topic these days or if my self-employed, home-office lifestyle has triggered a high percentage of customized procrastination feeds, but it seems like everywhere I look I find an article about conquering it. God knows, I can use those articles. In fact, I click on them as a […]

How to Get on the Working Mother 100 Best Companies List: Ten Tips for a Better Application

photo by Slooby from Chicago, U.S.A., upload by Herrick

The application for Working Mother’s annual “100 Best Companies” list is out—if your company wants to try for this list, you have until mid-March to answer the 500 questions, write your essay, and get your entry in. It’s a lot of work, but it’s for a big reward. As I wrote in my last post, […]

How To Apply for a “Best Companies to Work For” List—And Why It’s Worth the Trouble

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Each year you see them—shouting from business journals, websites, magazine covers… “Best Companies to Work For” lists are everywhere: there are local and regional lists, industry-based lists, company-size-based lists, lists devoted to non-profits, lists devoted to law firms, lists devoted to specific jobs and specific types of workers. Have you ever wondered how companies land […]

The 8 Work-and-Life Changes I’m Grateful for This Thanksgiving

copyright Nick Saltmarsh

With the approach of Thanksgiving, I got to thinking about some of the things I’m grateful for. Not in my personal life, but in the world of work and life for Americans, in general. While there is much work still to be done to ensure everyone has the opportunity both to earn a living wage […]

When a Tie is Not Just a Tie

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My husband has a beef about ties. Or, more precisely, about the lack thereof. A future sociologist exploring the culture of work at the setting of the 20th century and dawn of the 21st would undoubtedly take note of the changing mores of appropriate office wear. The era of casual dress crept up on us […]

Ten Random Takeaways from a Leading Work-Life Event

KVDP, Shokunin, Aungkams (own work)

Last week, Working Mother Media convened the 2014 Work-Life Congress in New York City. The annual conference celebrates organizations on the year’s “100 Best Companies” list, bringing in representatives of those organizations plus numerous other players in the work-life world. I love going to events like these: if they are well-planned, featuring interesting topics and […]

The Great Divide: What the Overworked and Underemployed Have in Common

chasm leap

One morning last week I joined a small gathering in a conference room at New York City’s Baruch College to listen to a line-up of speakers and panelists talk on the subject of “Families and Flexibility.” The event was sponsored by Scott Stringer, our NYC Comptroller, who has been promoting city-wide “right to request” legislation. […]

Mika Cross Shares (a Few of) Her Secrets

Mika Cross talks about  future workplace issues at the “Lowering the Cost of Government with IT” conference in Washington, DC this past August.

      Mika Cross is a powerhouse. If you’ve ever had the good fortune to meet her—and if you’re in the work-life field, there’s an excellent chance you have—you’ll know exactly what I mean. A work-life professional who contributes her considerable talents to federal workplaces—most recently with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) (she’s […]