6 Tips for a Better “Working Mother 100 Best” Essay

Aiming to get on next year’s Working Mother Best Companies list? The application, which also includes the opportunity to apply for “Top Companies for Women,” is now available, and the clock is ticking till the early March deadline. There’s a lot of data to gather, and those pesky holidays are coming, so it’s a wise […]

Bringing Flexibility
Back to Retirement:
An Interview with Paul Rupert

These days, “flex work” is often taken to mean one thing: the ability to work from home. So you may not be aware that when the concept of flexible work arrangements was first introduced, in the 1970s and 80s, it referred to a long menu of options, from flexing start and end times to job […]

Employees Have Made Progress This Year, and For That (At Least) I’m Grateful

It’s been a tough year for this country in many ways. A highly divisive election campaign, culminating in a highly divisive election;  sad tidings about the death of so many American icons, from Mohammad Ali to Prince;  a seemingly endless parade of news about shootings and other senseless violence. So I wondered what there might […]

What Makes a Company One of the “Best”?

Every year, I work with companies to help them tell their stories on the Working Mother 100 Best Companies application, among others. Although I have been steeped in the work-life field for nearly all my professional life, I am still frequently surprised and impressed by the smart ways my clients find to support their employees […]

9+ Things I Learned At The “Working Mother” Conference

October is National Work and Family month, so I was happy to take a couple of days last week to attend Working Mother Media’s Work-Life Congress, an annual conference built around the Working Mother 100 Best Companies list. In addition to a gala awards dinner, the event featured a day and a half’s worth of […]

Why Charisma’s Not Enough

To say that this election season is unusual is beyond understatement. Nonetheless, it looks likely to end like every other U.S. presidential election in the last 200-plus years: with a new president-elect, who will be duly sworn in come January. Even another strikingly unusual (in a completely different way) election, that of George W. Bush […]

What IS “Family-Friendly,” Anyway?

It’s National Work and Family Month, and I’ve been thinking: What does it mean for a workplace to be “family friendly”? Actually, since one of my regular gigs as an “employer-of-choice” writer and consultant is helping companies with their applications for “best workplace” lists, this question arises a lot. I find it fascinating how differently it can be interpreted […]

What Else Is Lost When the Kids Have Flown…

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the empty nest and me. This week, in lieu of my usual blog post, I’ve guest-written a sort of “Empty Nest Part 2” for the fabulous 1 Million for Work Flexibility.  This time, I focus on the bigger picture—the potential ramifications of this life stage for telecommuters.  Check […]

New Perspective on the Empty Nest

My daughter graduated high school last week. By late August, she’ll be on her way to college, and, since she’s the younger of our two, I’ll be an empty-nester. The prospect of our quiet house, devoid of the wonderful chaos children (even the nearly-grown ones) leave in their wake, saddens me deeply. But I’m also […]

Helping New Moms with—Wait, a Vending Machine?

At the sprawling Johns Hopkins University and Health Care System, support for breastfeeding employees  is not just a one-off policy or accommodation, it’s a comprehensive program. And it’s been some time in the making. Johns Hopkins comprises both a string of health care facilities, including Johns Hopkins Hospital, itself, and the university, which offers undergraduate […]

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