The Secret to Innovation?

Q: How do you promote innovation? A: You listen. To everyone. At the recent “Great Place to Work For All” summit, an annual event sponsored by  Great Place to Work (GPTW), the focus was on inclusion. Speaker after speaker drew a direct connection between everyone at the organization feeling heard, and business innovation. Note that […]

The Devil Wears What??

When in the past would a candidate’s history of mistreating employees have been a thing? The news about how Senator Amy Klobuchar has treated her staff, beginning as rumors but now increasingly well-documented in multiple credible news sources, is disappointing and sad. But here’s another way to think about it…four years ago, would it have […]

For Some Employees, It’s Valentine’s Day All Year

Fortune’s 2019 100 Best Companies to Work For list was posted on Valentine’s Day. That’s highly appropriate, when you think about it, because to get on this list your employees really have to love your organization. The winners are selected according to a rigorous application process that includes an employee engagement survey, which counts for […]

Know Which Employers Are Most Supportive of Aging Workers? Neither Do I!

Isn’t it time for a “best employers” list that puts older workers front and center? Think about it. There are lists of best companies for women, for millennials, for supporting diversity. For people with disabilities, for dads, for parents generally. So where is the list for employees who are nearing the end of their careers—or […]

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